Social Responsibility

Giving back to Local Communities

Acorn Life is fully aware of their social responsibility to the community and actively contributes to organisations and individuals that work for the good of the wider community. Where we can, we help support community projects and charitable organisations through donations or sponsorship.

On a larger scale

During the appalling Ethiopian famine of 1985, Gerard O' Connell, Chairman of Acorn Life, organised an aid campaign that raised sufficient funds to build a mother and childcare clinic at Cherite in Ethiopia. Many lives were saved as a result. Today, the people of Cherite are still benefiting from this clinic.

Since then, Gerard has been very involved in charitable work in Eastern Europe, counselling adults and children who have suffered greatly under oppressive dictatorships.

Romania has suffered some of the worst abuses of human rights witnessed this century after the overthrow of the Ceausescu regime in December 1989. By 1994 the rate of inflation had risen to 256 per cent so that even the most basic living conditions were unavailable to the majority of the population.

Two doctors, Zoltan and Agnes Konya, and a group of young professionals established AGAPE Life Care Foundation in April 1996. They specialize in individual, group and family therapy to heal and mature their patients so that another generation of children will not be left in orphanages.

To support this, during 2000, the Management and Staff of Acorn Life set up a charity called "The Romanian Jubilee Foundation Limited" to try and raise money to fund a clinic in Romania.

More than 270 contributors have already kindly contributed to the charity mainly through monthly payroll donations, monthly commission donations, or once-off donations. To date nearly €167,000 has been raised and based on the reports received from those involved in counselling, we wish to continue our fund raising efforts.

Acorn Life is committed to funding the clinic for the next five years so that this extraordinary work can continue. The objective is to raise more than €25,000 per annum from the generosity of Acorn's Staff and Clients either through monthly donations or once-off contributions.

Contributions to this worthwhile project are very welcome and can be made directly to any of the following:

  • Acorn Life, St Augustine Street, Galway,
  • Any Acorn Life Branch Office,
  • Allied Irish Bank, Lynchs Castle, Galway, Sort Code: 93-70-96, Account No.: 62837040

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