Cautiously Managed Fund

Acorn Life Launches New Cautiously Managed Fund


Acorn Life, which specialises in protection, savings and investment products designed for the Irish public, has launched a new fund, the Acorn Life Cautiously Managed Fund.

The main attraction of this fund is that it is suitable for investors who are prepared to accept a low level of risk for the prospect of a more attractive return than that offered by deposit type accounts.

The Acorn Life Cautiously Managed Fund invests in bonds denominated in euros, issued by sovereign states, agencies, supranationals and corporates. All bonds have a minimum rating of at least a Baa3 or BBB- from Moody's or Standard & Poor's, or are of an equivalent quality. The annual management charge on the fund is 0.5pc. The addition of the fund to Acorn Life's existing fund offerings further enhances the choices for the long term investor.

The fund is managed by HSBC Global Asset Management which is the global fund management division of HSBC Holdings plc, one of the largest financial organisations in the world. HSBC Global Asset Management has over $390 billion of assets under management (as at June 2009) and has fund management teams based in over 20 countries worldwide. For more up to date information, please click here.

Acorn Life is an Irish owned life assurance company providing a wide range of financial services to the Irish public. At the end of 2015, Acorn Life had assets of €662 million and premium income was €99.8 million. Since inception investment performance has regularly been among the market leaders. For more up to date information, please click here.

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If you would life further information on the Acorn Life Cautiously Managed Fund you can (a) complete the form, please click here, (b) drop into your local Acorn Life branch or (c) call us on 1800 446 446.
Our sales associates are available to go through details of the fund at a time and a place convenient to you.

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