Ongoing Training and Development

Here at Acorn Life we understand the importance of continuous professional development. We have developed a support structure in conjunction with the Sales Management Team that supports you in every phase of your career.

The Acorn Life Mentoring Programme

When you become an Acorn Life Tied Agent you will be assigned a mentor to help you achive your business plan. This person will guide you through the 1st year of your career assisting and supporting you when required.

The mentoring programme will not only give you access to a wealth of knowledge through a recognised professional in your branch but also provides a vital support when you require direction and guidance. Mentoring is an industry recognised system which has been proven to be hugely beneficial to all participants.

Training School

Once part of the team, you will attend a comprehensive training programme. This programme has been designed to support candidates who may have little or no experience of the financial industry. You will learn about:

  • our company
  • products and services
  • proven sales techniques

The initial intensive training course is split between in-house instruction and on-the-job preparation.

Ongoing Training

Throughout your career, your success will depend upon the sales process you use and the product solutions you develop for your clients. Acorn Life is committed to providing you with the essential skills and competencies to not only get you started, but to help you grow into a top sales producer.

Professional Development

Acorn Life is committed to helping new candidates towards qualification as a Qualified Financial Adviser. The QFA designation is established and recognised inside and outside the financial services industry. QFA has become a registered trademark, and, much more importantly, consumers are becoming more and more aware of the designation thanks to the national print and radio campaign run by the QFA Board. In-house training and QFA subscriptions are provided free of charge by Acorn Life. For more information see

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