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Fundamental Questions

By now you should have a good idea of the challenges and the rewards of building your business with Acorn Life. You may be excited about moving forward or apprehensive about the sacrifices required. Both feelings are good. They help you move toward making the decision that is right for you. As you refl ect on all that you have learned about this profession, consider your answer to these four important questions:

Why do you want to become a financial adviser? This position requires sacrifice. Keeping your focus on which of the three I’s drive you – Impact, Independence or Income – will help you through the early years. With clear goals and strong purpose, you can succeed.

Are you ready to be a business owner? While you will have help from Acorn Life, the success of your business will ultimately depend on you. Are you ready to make the commitment required to build a successful business?

How will you build a client bank? And the answer to this question is critical to your initial business plan. To build up a client bank of 100 clients usually means meeting with at least 300 people. Meeting with 300 people can require talking with 1,000 or more prospective clients. Are you willing to network and ask for referrals?

Do you believe in what financial advisers do? As a financial adviser, you are assisting your clients in reaching their life’s goals. You are the protector of their hopes and dreams for the future. As you proceed in each step in the selection process, ask yourself, “Is this something I am passionate about and truly believe in?” Knowing the answer to that question will make your decision clear.

Currently have openings in branches nationwide. If you are interested in applying for a position, please email your CV to

All of our current roles are advertised on Irish Jobs. Click here to see the list of roles available.

Or you may post your CV to us at the following address, stating the position you are interested in:

Acorn Life,
St Augustine Street,

Please note that all positions are located in the Republic of Ireland and that all applicants must have the necessary permits to work in the Republic of Ireland with immediate effect.

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