Why Grow A Financial Services Business?

Financial advising is a profession and requires a professional level of commitment. This is a journey only for those who are truly committed, but for those few, the rewards are high. You will experience the three I’s of this role:

Impact: Financial Advising is not about selling. It’s about helping others – helping them prepare for the risks we all face – and being there when they need it most. In this career, you will literally change the course of people’s lives.

Independence: You will have control over your business. You will decide who your clients are and how you spend your time. Becoming an Acorn Life Financial Adviser is like going into business for yourself, but without the capital investment normally required in starting a business and with extensive support from Acorn Life.

Income: Financial Advisers invest a great deal of time and effort in the early years. But for those who stay the course, the rewards are high.

Now more than ever people need help with their financial affairs. Business and economic trends are very promising for a career in financial services where demand for professionals in the industry has never been greater. People are living longer, meaning they will have to plan to make their retirement funds last over a longer period of time. Increased life spans require that consumers plan for long-term needs. The variety and sophistication of fi nancial products means that consumers need more advice to gather and protect wealth.

This means that people entering the workforce, people leaving the workforce, people in the midst of their careers and all of the people who are, in turn, dependent on them are in need of a knowledgeable, ethical and committed financial professional.

Those who enter the industry and grow their businesses over the next several years will be in an ideal position to make an incredible difference to society and to build a very bright future for themselves.

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